On July 9, 2016 by Henri Snel

niels hendriks student of inter-architecture is winner of the gerrit rietveld academie design award

Jury announces winners GRA AWARDS 2016
Every year, the most promising graduates of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, according to an independent jury, are awarded for their final work(s) with a ‘GRA Award’. The GRA Award consists of 1500 euro and the opportunity to take part in a special exhibition called SELECTED, that will take place this autumn. The winners of this year’s GRA Awards are: Milena Naef (Glass department), Niels Hendriks (Inter-Architecture) and Sae Honda (Jewellery).
650-AWARDS_800_henri snel
This year’s jury
The jury of the category Applied Arts was represented this year by editor-in-chief of MacGuffin magazine and researcher and critic in design history Kirsten Algera and Lernert & Sander who have been working together since 1997, producing a variety of work that is known for its aesthetics and humor. For the category of Autonomous Arts the jury consisted of independent cultural programmer and Van Eyck academy resident Radna Rumping and Johan Gustavsson & Nico Feragnoli, directors at 1646 in the Hague. The selection of the best Thesis was in the hands of visual artist and chair of the Society of Arts Barbara Visser, writer and NRC art critic Hans den Hartog Jager and Jeroen Boomgaard, professor of art and public space at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

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