On August 7, 2015 by Henri Snel

Eight Cubic Meters by alumni Julia Vrager

_Henri Snel_inter-architecture-Julia_Vrager_LS_low_res_10
_Henri Snel_inter-architecture-Julia_Vrager_LS_low_res_18
_Henri Snel_inter-architecture-Julia_Vrager_LS_low_res_17
_Henri Snel_inter-architecture-Julia_Vrager_LS_low_res_19
_Henri Snel_inter-architecture-Julia_Vrager_LS_low_res_04
_Henri Snel_inter-architecture-Julia_Vrager_LS_low_res_05
_Henri Snel_inter-architecture-Julia_Vrager_LS_low_res_03

Julia Vrager is a fresh graduate at Rietveld Academie at our department, inter-architecture. Vrager was invited by Eight Cubic Meters to make a show based on Slimtarra’s wallpaper project. Slimtarra is wallpaper made by artists which is based on a riso-printed pattern on a A3 paper.

The current show is a conjunction of her graduation show and the riso-printed pattern.

For more information about Slimtarra see: www.extrapool.nl

Where to find Eight Cubic Meters?
Sint Nicolaasstraat, Amsterdam (on the corner of HEMA Nieuwendijk)

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