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You have to make it with love: Lithuanian Lazy Man’s cake

1-you have to make it with love or at least only good thoughts in your mind, because people can taste it and you’ll screw it up

2-only mix the batter in one direction (clock or under-clock wise), because it’s bad luck and you’ll screw it up


400g most basic cookies/300g cottage cheese/200g unsalted butter/150g sugar/a spoon of vanilla sugar/blueberries and cranberries according to the taste (some make it with dried fruits, but then they have to be soaked)/white chocolate for the topping

Super easy making process: Mix house temperature butter with sugar until it’s fluffy. Take another boule and scrape cottage cheese thru the grid. Mix it with butter/sugar and add blueberries (mix!). Crumble cookies into very small pieces and mix it very !very! well with the batter. Take a form or your preference and cover it with food plastic bag so the sides are out and you can take the cake out easily. Then put mixture to the form and make sure you press it down with every spoon. Melt the chocolate on the fume, cover the top of the cake and put cranberries after. Let it sit until chocolate gets cold and put it in the fridge covered with lid or foil. It takes some time for ingredients to exchange flavours and settle in the form, so give it at least 8 hours time in the fridge before you serve it. And, enjoy!


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