On September 4, 2016 by Henri Snel

Arna Mačkić succeeds Henri Snel as head of Inter-Architecture

Arna Mačkić succeeds Henri Snel as head of Inter-Architecture

We welcome Arna Mačkić as the new head of Inter-Architecture. Arna is alumnus (graduated in 2010) of the department and she was for years closely involved in RAAAF, an studio operating at the crossroads of architecture, art and science. In 2016 she started studio L A, together with Lorien Beijaert. Within her practice she applies architecture as an experimental space, in which she investigates societal challenges through spatial models. Her projects often relate to the subject of ‘collective identity’. One example is her design based research and book ‘Mortal Cities & Forgotten Monuments’, winner of a Dutch Design Award in 2015 and voted Best Dutch Book Design 2014. Arna will succeed Henri Snel who has been head of department for 10 years and will now start his PhD research on hapticity in relation to Alzheimer and Architecture.

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